Energy Customers are Getting Savvy About Choosing Suppliers

Large electricity suppliers like PEPCO and Baltimore Gas & Electric used to have no problem getting customers. In fact, prior to energy deregulation customers didn't even have a choice other than to use big utilities like this. Even after the industry was deregulated many customers didn't understand the how-to's and value of switching to an alternative energy supplier. However, that is starting to change. Energy consumers are starting to get really savvy about choosing the right energy provider to meet their needs at an affordable price.

Both residential and commercial customers are beginning to really take advantage of the fact that the independent energy suppliers often offer lower rates than the big utilities do. Some customers elect to take advantage of long-term contracts to lock in low prices because they know that energy costs could keep on climbing in the years to come even with the better rates offered by smaller providers.

One question that many people still have is what it means that the big utility provider still delivers the electricity. For example, you may choose a lower cost provider that supplies the energy but it is still delivered through PEPCO. Many PEPCO customers have been unhappy with ongoing outages and want to know if switching suppliers will improve that problem. Unfortunately, since service is still delivered by the large company, these problems may still occur. However, you will be paying a lot less for your energy with the other company so at least you aren't being charged an arm and a leg for the big utility's poor delivery service!

Many states have several hundred different energy suppliers that you can choose from. However only a handful of them will be operating in your area. The trick is to find out what providers are in your area and then compare them to see which company offers the lowest electric rates and best contracts. Then you can be one of those savvy customers that switched providers!


Publish Date: 2011-06-22 13:18:42
Electric Energy Articles
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