Energy Offers by State

At, we make saving money on energy bills fast, simple, and stress-free. And unlike some other companies, our #1 goal is to make you -- the consumer -- satisfied. To do that, we offer a variety of money-saving options designed to accommodate anyone's needs, regardless of the size of your home or the size of your budget. Using our free website, you can compare electric rates, compare natural gas rates, and shop around for the best energy suppliers serving your area. So why wait? Shop around, compare deals, and transfer to a more affordable energy supplier today!

In recent years, several U.S. states have adopted a consumer-friendly program called deregulation. Deregulation allows consumers to switch their electric or natural gas service from a large (and often expensive) local utility company to an alternative energy supplier offering lower energy rates. By allowing independent energy suppliers to compete for customers' business, deregulation has resulted in significantly cheaper electric rates, lower natural gas rates, and happier consumers.

If you are fortunate enough to live or own a business in a deregulated state, take advantage of your energy choice and compare electric rates or compare natural gas rates today! Our user-friendly site allows you to quickly browse the most popular service plans in your area. You can choose from fixed rate energy plans that offer a locked electric or natural gas rate for a set period of time, or a more flexible, variable rate plan that fluctuates with the market. If you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment, there are 100% renewable, green energy plans as well. Finally, thanks to deregulation, the choice is yours!

Switching your energy service takes less than ten minutes and could save you hundreds -- even thousands -- of dollars each year. Plus, there's no fee or penalty for switching suppliers. So start today: compare electric rates, compare natural gas rates, and shop around for the most affordable energy suppliers near you!

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