How to Protect Yourself from Energy Sale Scams

Energy deregulation has provided customers with the option to choose their own energy providers. Unfortunately, whenever something good like this happens there are always bad people who come along and ruin it. There have been a number of reports recently about unscrupulous companies that are taking advantage of the fact that folks don't fully understand how to benefit from energy deregulation. It is important to avoid these scams and use only legitimate sites to switch your energy supplier!

Energy Seller Scams

There are several variations on energy sales scams but they all start with someone cold calling an individual to try to get them to switch energy providers. This may be done on the phone or through door-to-door sales. These sellers typically misrepresent themselves. For example, they may say that they are with the local large utility provider and that they are offering discounts on energy. That was the case recently with a group of people who went door-to-door saying that they were from Baltimore Gas and Electric and were authorized to offer discounts to certain customers (when in fact they were from another energy company that may or may not offer a lower rate).

These people are taking advantage of the fact that customers don't really know a lot about energy deregulation, yet. The horrible thing is that energy deregulation is designed specifically to give you a choice in who you get your energy from and if you fall victim to one of these scams then you actually are not exploring all of your choices. It defeats the entire purpose of having alternative energy suppliers.

How to Protect Yourself

So how do you take advantage of energy deregulation without falling prey to one of these scams? Here are some important tips:

o   Don't sign up for anything that a seller approaches you about. Whether they call you, email you or come to your door, you should always say that you want to think about it. This gives you time to research who they are and how legitimate the deal is.

o   Do your own research into energy deregulation. If you understand what it's all about then you'll be empowered to take advantage of it in the right way!

o   Look for lower cost energy suppliers on sites that direct you to multiple options. There isn't just one single company in your area offering a better rate on energy; there are several. Make sure you get the opportunity to weigh the costs of each of them to choose the one that is best for you! Comparison energy shopping is important when it comes to choosing an energy supplier.

Publish Date: 2011-05-17 10:19:33
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