Electrical Safety Tips to Remember During Storm Season

Sometimes we forget how powerful our electricity system is. We use it every day and it’s just a part of our normal lives. HoweElectrical Safety Tipsver, when things go awry, we are suddenly forced to remember how damaging electricity has the potential to be. One of the times when we are at greatest risk is during big storms. However, we can take many actions that help to keep us safe.

Here are some important tips to follow for electrical safety:

o Always have an emergency kit that is easily accessible during storms. It should include battery-powered radios and flashlights and should have extra batteries.

o Call 911 to report any downed power line that you see. Don’t assume that someone else has already called. Do your part to keep everyone safe.

o Know how to use your portable generator. If you’ve been in a lot of outages then you may use a portable generator for electricity during storms. Make sure that you know how to use it properly. This includes always checking your energy service panel to make sure that the main circuit breaker is in the off position when you are using your portable generator.

o Never go near a power line that has come down in a storm. Get far away.

o Never touch an object that is touching a power line. Some people don’t realize that a tree is touching a power line, for example. Look up and make sure that it’s all clear!

o Plug everything into surge protectors or else keep it unplugged during storms.

o Stay inside during storms. Don’t work outside when it is rainy, windy or stormy out and be especially cautious during lightning storms. Lightning is more dangerous than you realize. If you aren’t at home then find another building or shelter to wait out big storms.

o Turn off your air conditioner during storms. Avoid using other electrical appliances in the home until the storm has passed.

And here are some additional tips for dealing with certain emergency situations that you may find yourself in during a bad storm:

o If a power line falls across your car while you are in it, you must stay put. Your tires help to ground the electricity and keep you safe. Wait for help from 911.

o If it starts to storm and you are in water, you need to get out of the water immediately. This means that you turn off the bath or shower if you’re at home and it means getting to land if you are in a body of water.

o If you are stuck outside in a storm and can’t reach shelter, get as low to the ground as possible. Squat down, staying as far away from trees, poles and other objects as possible. If you are stuck in an area that is dense with trees, make sure that you stay close to the shortest trees.

Be smart during storms!

Tips provided by Oncor: http://www.oncor.com/safety/storm.aspx

Publish Date: 2011-11-07 15:03:52
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