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In recent years it seems as though Illinois electric rates are becoming increasingly expensive. Such high rates significantly affect the state’s typical resident or business owner. Fortunately there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. A few years ago the state government deregulated the utility industry. Since then independent Illinois electric suppliers have been able to provide consumers with cheaper electricity at lower electric rates, saving the average consumer hundreds of dollars a year.

Our website helps Illinois residents and business-owners take advantage of deregulation by letting them switch from ComEd or Ameren to an independent IL electric supplier, for free. Whether you live in Chicago, Springfield, Pinckneyville, Grand Tower, Hutsonville, Jacksonville, Gibson City, Newton, Crystal Lake, Waukegan, Rockford, or Sterling, you can compare IL electric rates and independent IL electric suppliers right from our website. Then simply request a transfer in service to the best IL electric supplier in your county, and you’ll receive the lower electric rates on your next monthly bill. The process takes just a handful of minutes and results in permanent savings for the consumer. It’s that simple!

Thanks to electricity deregulation, all Illinois residents and business-owners can pay less for electricity. But it’s up to you to get the ball rolling. Start today: compare electric rates prices and choose the best IL electric supplier serving your area. Don’t let this special opportunity pass you by. Start today!

Illinois Electric Utilities: Ameren, ComEd

Major Cities: Chicago, Springfield, Pinckneyville, Gibson City, Crystal Lake, and Sterling


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