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Com Ed and Ameren Want Energy Customers to Pay More

Illinois state residents typically get their energy from one of the state’s two main electricity providers: Com Ed and Ameren. This is disconcerting because the two businesses are both interested in raising rates on customers through a legislative proposal designed to raise money to improve the energy grid in the state. While it’s great to look towards creating a smart grid that can help customers save money on energy in the future, it’s always disconcerting to hear that your own energy bills might be about to go up.

If Com Ed gets what it wants then customers will see an average bill increase of $3 per month. It sounds like a little bit but that’s nearly $40 per year that you could be putting towards something other than your energy bill. It’s enough to start upgrading some of the appliances in your own home to reduce energy costs! The rate increase for Ameren customers is smaller at just $5 per year but it’s still money that’s going to the energy companies instead of staying in your pocket.

What is really unnerving about the rate hike is that it is a separate proposed charge from the standard rate hikes that the companies are allowed to ask for. This means that you might see a $3 per month increase right now but then an additional bill increase for standard maintenance and energy costs. The amount could easily double and wind up costing Illinois residents more than the anticipated amount (if additional rate hikes are also approved).

So what can be done about this? Well your best bet is to get proactive and to protect yourself by taking advantage of electricity deregulation in the state. Because of deregulation customers have the right to choose their energy providers. You are not obligated to get your energy from the big names like Com Ed and Ameren. You can select to work with smaller energy companies that offer you cheaper Illinois electric rates than their big name competitors. It doesn’t cost you anything to switch and you can immediately start saving money on your energy bill while avoiding potential rate hikes from Com Ed and Ameren. It’s definitely worth looking in to!



Publish Date: 2011-04-05 12:43:56

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