Compare Kentucky Natural Gas Rates

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Would you like to pay less for natural gas by finding the best gas prices in Kentucky? Well, now you can! Thanks to a government program called deregulation, all Kentucky consumers can shop around and compare the gas prices of independent, state certified gas suppliers. Just like you can comparison shop for car insurance and the best cell phone plan, you can now compare KY gas prices and potentially lower your gas bill. Here’s how.

Simply visit our free website to compare Kentucky gas prices in your city or county. Once you find the best gas rates and service plan to fit your budget, complete a brief online form to transfer your service to the new supplier. You will not receive an interruption in gas supply during the transfer, and you’ll continue to receive just one gas bill each month - only now it will show your new natural gas rate!

Whether you live in Ashland, Frankfort, Lexington, Richmond, Pikeville, Manchester, or Vanceburg, now’s the time. Customers of overpriced public utility companies such as Columbia Gas of Kentucky can now lower their KY gas bill by switching to a more affordable independent gas supplier.

Why wait? Compare KY gas rates and lock in the best nautral gas rates in Kentucky today!

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