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As electric rates continue to increase year after year, many Maryland consumers are searching for ways to save money and lower their electric bills. Luckily they don’t have to search long. At CompareElectricRatePrices, we’ve already helped thousands of consumers pay less for electricity by locking in lower electric rates. In less than ten minutes, you too can permanently lower your electric bill.

If you’re a current PEPCO electric customer living in Maryland’s Montgomery or Prince George’s counties, visit our website to compare MD electric rates and transfer your service to a more affordable electric provider. All independent providers listed on our website are state-approved, financially secure, low-cost, and dedicated to environmental sustainability. It takes just a handful of minutes to receive cheaper electricity, so why wait?

Oftentimes, a product or service sold at a cheaper price lacks quality and/or reliability; however, this is not the case when it comes to electricity. PEPCO customers that switch their service to a more affordable electric provider will continue to receive the same reliable electricity and customer service from PEPCO. But now, they’ll simply pay less for it.

PEPCO serves nearly 800,000 customers in southern Maryland and the District of Columbia. If you’re a PEPCO customer in need of a cheaper MD electricity rate, then compare electric rates and switch to a more affordable electric provider today!

Our Best Residential Deal for
PEPCO Customers

State Approved Supplier: North American Power

New Electric Rate: 9.49¢ per kilowatt-hour

Utility Price to Compare: 9.57¢ per kilowatt-hour

Approximate Savings: 1%

Plan: 3 Month Fixed

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