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The average retail price for electricity in Massachusetts is currently 14.71 cents per kilowatt-hour (kwh). For most of us, this figure means very little - all we know is that our electric bills continue to increase with each passing year. Rather than decoding the ins-and-outs of kilowatt-hours, all you really need to know is that 14.71 cents per kwh is more than you should pay for electricity. In fact, it’s nearly three cents more than the current national average.

If National Grid Massachusetts or Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECO) currently supplies electricity to your MA home or business, it’s time for a change. By switching your service to a low-cost electric supplier, you can lock in the best electric rates in Massachusetts and reduce your monthly electric bill.

Thanks to a government program called electricity deregulation, switching to a low-cost MA electric supplier is fast and free. In less than 10 minutes, you can compare electric rates and suppliers using our free website and then select the best fit for your budget. Whether you live in Worcester, Quincy, Ludlow, Springfield, or Deerfield, compare MA electric rates and permanently lower your electric bill today!

Utilities: National Grid Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECO), Mass Electric, NSTAR, Fitchburg Gas & Electric

Major Cities: Worcester, Quincy, Ludlow, Springfield, and Deerfield

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