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If you're a Fitchburg Gas & Electric customer stressing over next month's bill, you're not alone. States in the Northeast, including Massachusetts, consistently have the highest electric rates of any region in the country. To combat the high price of electricity, business-owners in Fitchburg, Ashby, Lunenburg, and Townsend have taken a few money-saving and eco-friendly actions: they've adjusted their thermostat to use less A/C in the summer and less heat in the winter, purchased energy-efficient appliances and electronics, and used LED or CFL light bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. While these actions do result in less electric use and lower electric bills, in some cases it's not enough.

If you'd need a long-lasting, effective solution to high electric rates, you've come to the right place. Since Massachusetts' utility industry is deregulated, business-owners can now permanently lower their electric bill simply by choosing a lower-priced MA electric company.

To receive cheaper electricity, compare electric rates in Massachusetts using our free website, and then request a transfer in service to the company offering the best commercial electric rates in Fitchburg, Ashby, Lunenburg, or Townsend. The process is hassle-free, stress-free, and risk-free. Simply put, it's 100% free! Compare electric rates in Massachusetts and permanently lower your business's electric bill today!



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  • 18Oct

    Average Massachusetts Electric Rates There are many wonderful things about living in Massachusetts. The scenery is beautiful. The people are smart. You are in close proximity to numerous major cities and historic landmarks. However, there is one drawback to life in this state. It's that you may find your cost of living to be higher ...more>>

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