How to Choose the Best Energy Efficient Gas Stove

Buying new appliances is always difficult. Because this is a purchase that we don't make often, we aren't always sure what the right thing is to buy. And because it's a purchase that is expensive and needs to last a long time, we want to make sure that we buy the right thing. For example, when buying a new gas stove, we want to get one that's going to be energy-efficient in order to work properly while not wasting money on our gas bills.

I don't know about you but when I want to choose a new energy efficient appliance the first place that I look is with Energy Star. Typically anything that has an Energy Star label is going to be a really good place to start. Unfortunately, that's not the case with stoves. These are one of the few appliances that aren't part of the Energy Star labeling program. In fact, stoves are one of the few appliances that the FTC doesn't require an EnergyGuide label for so you really can't rely on labels to help you find the right energy-saving gas stove.

So if you can't go by the label, how do you choose the best stove? The first thing is to make sure that you select a gas stove that has an electric ignition. Energy Star reports that this uses forty percent less gas than a pilot light so it prevents a significant amount of energy loss. Narrowing down your choices to only those appliances will help significantly in your shopping although since all new gas stoves are now required to have this feature it won't narrow down the search completely.

The next thing that you will want to look for is whether or not your gas stove has a convection oven. You want to choose one that does. That's because this type of oven runs a fan that continuously heats your food. So what? Well this means that your cooking times are reduced and that means that you not only save on energy but also save your own time!

Finally, make sure that you select a new natural gas stove that has a self-cleaning oven. This type of stove tends to be more insulated than stoves without this feature. That means that the oven temperature is better maintained and therefore the appliance is more efficient.

It's not easy shopping for appliances that you don't buy often but it actually doesn't have to be that hard either. Shop smart and look for savings!


Publish Date: 2011-09-01 10:10:25
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