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Did you know that thousands of residents and business-owners throughout South Jersey, including Bridgeton, have lowered their monthly electric bill by nearly 25%? It's true! Due to electricity deregulation, consumers can now opt out of the expensive rates of their local utility company and choose a more affordable supplier offering lower electric rates.

Consumers can switch to a low-cost NJ electric supplier in just three simple steps. First, visit our website to compare electric rates in NJ. We offer comprehensive details regarding the rates and plans of accredited electric suppliers throughout the state. The second step involves "shopping around" and finding the best electric rates and the best electric supplier that fits your budget. Some suppliers offer flexible billing plans, while others offer eco-friendly, "green" sources of energy. The choice is up to you. The last step involves filling out a brief online form to initiate the transfer in service. After you confirm the transfer, you'll receive the lower electric rate on your next billing cycle! As you can see, transferring your service is fast, easy, and free.

We've helped thousands of residents in Cumberland County - from Bridgeton, Shiloh, Vineland, Millville, Clarks Mill, Greenwich, Pleasantville, Port Elizabeth, Leesburg, and Maurice River - compare electric rates and find the best NJ electric rates in their city. Now it's your turn, so start today!

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