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Did you know that, like car insurance rates and policies, you can now compare electric prices to find the best rates in New Jersey? That’s right - all residents of Hackettstown, NJ can now compare the electric rates of independent suppliers and switch to the one offering the lowest rates and most flexible billing plans.

A government initiative known as electricity deregulation grants New Jersey residents the opportunity to select a low-cost electric supplier and lower their electric bill up to 20%. Transferring your service is fast, simple, and - best of all - free. You won’t experience an interruption in service during or after the transfer, and you’ll continue to receive just one monthly electric bill (only this one will reflect the lower electric rates of your new NJ supplier).

Electricity deregulation applies to all Warren County residents and business-owners. So whether you live in Hackettstown, Washington, Phillipsburg, Alpha, Belvidere, Millbrook, Summerfield, or Rockport, compare electric rates in NJ today! You can save hundreds of dollars a year by switching to a low-cost NJ electric supplier, so why wait?

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  • 18Oct

    Average New Jersey Electric Rates We typically consider it a negative thing to be "below average". However, that's not the case when it comes to paying for electricity. There are average rates that people pay per kilowatt hour for the energy in their home and being below that average is a great thing. It means that your energy bi...more>>

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