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Con Edison of New York provides electricity to more than three million customers in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Westchester County. While the local utility company is well-known for its environmentally-friendly policies and programs - particularly in the area of reducing carbon emissions - Con Edison of New York is also well-known for its pricey electric rates. Fortunately, electricity deregulation allows NY residents and business-owners to shop around for cheaper electricity and switch to a NY electric supplier offering lower electric rates and green energy options.

All New Yorkers (including current Con Edison of New York customers) can use our free website to compare electric rates in NY and lock in the best electric rates in the state. Wouldn’t you like to save money on your monthly electric bill in just a few minutes?

Start today and join the thousands of New Yorkers that have already switched their electric service from Con Edison of New York to a more affordable electric supplier. Transferring your service is 100% free, and there are no penalties imposed for switching suppliers. Compare electric rates in NY today and transform your radically expensive New York electric bill to more affordable, more manageable payment. Don’t hesitate - use our website to find the best electric rates in NY today!

Our Best Residential Deal for
Con Edison of New York Customers

State Approved Supplier: MXenergy

New Electric Rate: 10.99¢ per kilowatt-hour

Plan: Variable Rate

Offer: Variable Rate Plan. Residential Cancellation Fee: $0. Business Cancellation Fee: See Terms.

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