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Let’s suppose you’re in the market for a new high definition television. The well-known electronics store in White Plains has the model you want for $1,500. That sounds a little overpriced to you, though, so you search around for a cheaper price. Lo and behold, you find the exact same model at a new electronics store for 20% cheaper -- just $1,200. Naturally, you decide to purchase the television from the new electronics store and save the $300 bucks... and you couldn’t be happier about it.

Something similar is happening in the utility industry. The well-known local utility company that you’ve purchased electricity from for years has been overcharging you. Newer, independent electric suppliers are offering the exact same electricity from the same power lines and poles at much lower electric rates. What’s more, it takes less than 10 minutes to receive these lower electric rates and permanently lower your electric bill.

New York residents can use our free website to compare electric rates and find the best electric rates in White Plains and throughout Westchester County. Afterwards, switching your service to a low-cost electric supplier is fast and simple. Just complete the supplier’s online form to request a transfer in service, and you’ll receive your lower electric rates on next month’s bill. It’s that simple!

Why pay more for electricity than you need to? Compare electric rates and switch to a low cost NY electric supplier serving White Plains today. Doing so will save you hundreds of dollars a year!

Electric News & Information

  • 14Feb

    Orange & Rockland Plan To Raise Your Rates Customers living in southeastern New York, northern New Jersey and northeastern Pennsylvania often rely on Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. (O&R) for their electricity. However, there are other electricity suppliers in this area. O&R customers may want to start taking a closer look at ...more>>

  • 19Jan

    How to Avoid Paying the NY Con Ed Rate Increase New York energy company Con Ed is raising rates. This isn’t just a small rate increase, either. It’s a huge 12.6% increase in the cost of electricity for the residents who rely on this company for their energy. Although the increase will be phased in over the next three years, many re...more>>

  • 29Dec

    Pay Less for the Electricity that New York Con Ed Delivers Did you know that you could continue receiving electricity from Con Edison but pay a lot less for it than you are currently paying? And no, you don’t have to turn off your electricity or cut down drastically on its use to make it happen. You simply need to choose a better electricity suppli...more>>

  • 18Oct

    Average New York Electric Rates Take a look at your New York electricity bill. Look for the portion of the bill that tells you how much you are paying for electricity. It will be labeled in "cents per kilowatt hour". What you will most likely discover is that you are paying more than eighteen cents per kilowatt hour for your el...more>>

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