Compare Ohio Natural Gas Rates and Suppliers

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Ohio’s frigid winters can lead to snow, ice, and - to the displeasure of its residents - high natural gas bills. In fact, the Buckeye State’s average natural gas price is higher than that of most states in the nation. If you’d like to find the best natural gas prices and potentailly lower your gas bill, take just a few minutes to compare natural gas prices today.

Thanks to a government program called deregulation, current customers of Columbia Gas of Ohio, Dominion East Ohio (DEO East), Duke Energy and Vectren Energy can compare natural gas prices in Ohio and switch their service to a low-cost natural gas supplier. Your public utility company will continue to deliver natural gas to your home or business. Switching your service to a low-cost natural gas supplier simply means that your natural gas will be supplied at a better rate. You’ll still receive reliable natural gas service and just one gas bill per month - only now, it’ll be at the new rate!

Residents in all areas of Ohio, including Cleveland, Springfield, Columbia, Mansfield, Toledo, Akron, Parma, New Philadelphia, Wooster, Lima, Dayton, Lebanon, and Hamilton, can receive a possibly lower natural gas bill! Just use our free website to compare natural gas prices and Ohio natural gas suppliers.

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