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In the past, your local utility company both generated and distributed electricity to your home or business. With no competition in the marketplace, local utility companies could get away with charging astronomical electric rates. In recent years, however, the Pennsylvania state government adopted a bill called electricity deregulation, allowing competition in the electric industry. Now, consumers can purchase electricity from an independent electric supplier offering lower electric rates than their local utility company.

With over 500,000 residents, Lancaster County, PA, generates a lot of electricity. And what better way to lower your electric bill than to switch to a more affordable PA electric supplier. Many independent electric suppliers also offer more flexible billing plans and eco-friendlier energy options. So not only can you save hundreds of dollars a year by switching to a supplier offering lower electric rates, you can also help the environment!

Switching electric suppliers is fast and free when you make an electricity price comparison in Pennsylvania via our website. You can then choose the supplier offering the cheapest electricity rates in your town. Whether you live in Lancaster, Elizabethtown, Denver, New Holland, Paradise, Columbia, Lititz, Marietta, or Ephrata, compare electric rates in Pennsylvania and lower your electric bill today!

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