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Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for nearly 50% of the average Pennsylvania home’s energy bill? It’s true. Fortunately, there are two simple ways to lower your monthly energy costs: 1) use less electricity, and 2) pay less for it.

Pennsylvanians can use less electricity by turning off or unplugging unused appliances and electronics, maintaining proper insulation, investing in energy-efficient appliances, and switching from incandescent to compact fluorescent light bulbs. Thanks to electricity deregulation, Pennsylvania consumers can now pay less for electricity, too.

As PECO electric rate caps expire in early 2011, electricity deregulation will grant PECO customers the opportunity to switch their electric service to a PA low-cost supplier. In doing so, PECO consumers will on their monthly electric bill. Pennsylvania residents and business-owners can start saving money by visiting, where they can compare electric rates and transfer their service to a low-cost PA electric supplier for free.

If you’re one of PECO’s 1.5 million customers in southeastern PA, including Philadelphia, York, Bucks, and Chester counties, it’s time to pay less for electricity and permanently lower your electric bill. Start today: compare PA electric rates, and then switch to a more affordable electric supplier for free. Doing so could reduce your electric bill by hundreds of dollars a year!

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Supplier: North American Power

Electric Rate: 9.99¢ per KWH

Plan: 3 Month Fixed


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