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Pennsylvania Electric Company (Penelec) is one of the largest utility companies in Pennsylvania, serving more than half a million customers in northern and central PA. Since the passage of deregulation, the role of Penelec has changed. Now that the state's utility industry is split into two businesses - supply and distribution - independent PA electric companies are allowed to supply electricity to consumers at a far cheaper rate. Penelec still distributes electricity to these customers using the same infrastructure as before, but now, consumers can simply pay less for it.

For business-owners in cities like Erie, Warren, Tionesta, Mansfield, Sayre, Towanda, Altoona, Huntingdon, Clearfield, and Bedford, deregulation is a simple, free way to drastically lower their electric bill. To lock in the lower commercial electric rates of an independent PA electric company, take just a few minutes to compare electric rates via our website. Once you find a lower rate that you simply can't pass up (trust us, it won't take long), request that your service be transferred to the more affordable electric company. The process takes less than ten minutes and is absolutely free.

Thousands of Penelec customers already pay less for electricity... now you can too! Compare Pennsylvania electric rates and independent PA electric companies today.

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We are able to help large electric users save a great deal on their electric bills! If your average monthly electric usage is more than 25,000 kilowatt hours we will work to get you the most competitive quote we can. We are able to compare our many suppliers to give you the lowest rate with the greatest options. We generally can offer you fixed, variable or hybrid electric plans.

If you would like us to work up a FREE, no obligation quote you can email us at or you can simply fax us a full copy of your latest bill at 203-889-0862.

It will take us a few days to get you the best quote but you will sure be happy we did. We look forward to helping you save on your electric!

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