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Although Pennsylvania residents have many options regarding who supplies electricity to their home or business, some consumers continue to remain loyal to their local utility company, e.g. PPL Electric Utilities. While loyalty is an admirable trait, purchasing electricity from PPL might be costing you hundreds of extra dollars a year.

In recent years, PPL has drastically increased their electric rates, forcing its customers to pay too much for electricity during these tough economic times. In fact, PPL’s electric rates are almost 30% higher than they were just last year. Due to this rapid increase, many PPL customers now look to purchase cheaper electricity from a more affordable, alternative electric supplier.

Nearly one-third of PPL’s customers have already switched to a low-cost PA electric supplier and, in doing so, have lowered their monthly electric bill. Switching your service is risk-free: there are no contracts to sign, no penalties to switch, and no cost. Simply visit our website to compare electric rates in PA and choose a supplier offering the best electric rates in your town.

Join the thousands of customers who have said "no" to PPL’s rising rates and "yes" to their electric choice and the ability to lock in lower PA electric rates. Start today: compare electric rates in PA and lower your electric bill by hundreds of dollars a year!

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Supplier: North American Power

Electric Rate: 8.88¢ per kilowatt-hour

Plan: Variable Rate

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