Renewable Energy Certificates

Doing your part to help the environment and the US just got a whole lot easier! We are now able to offer you renewable energy certificates that are 100% wind based. So how does this help the environment and the US you ask, let me explain!

By purchasing renewable energy certificates you will be offsetting 1000kw per month of non green electric with 100% american made wind electric. This electric will be fed into the grid and will help us burn less fossil fuels. This program is

available to everyone whether you are in a deregulated state or not, this is a worldwide opportunity to allow you to easily do your part.

This purchase will also help the US as a whole. Everytime you purchase a certified renewable energy certificate through us we will be purchasing wind energy with those funds. This will help continue the growth of the wind energy movement here in the US. US jobs are being created from the growth of green energy and this is obviously not something we can outsource. I am sure you can see why buying renewable energy certificates that are 100% american wind based just makes sense.

Our renewable energy certificates cost $19.50 per month and offset 1000kw of non green energy use. If you are a heavy electric user we can work with you to calculate how many certificates you need to offset all of your usage or just some of it, if we all do just a little it will do alot! Our certificates also come with a printed Certificate with your name or your company’s name so you can display your support! Another benefit of our certificates, if you are a business, is that you will also be listed in our green business directory as a thanks for your support.

Help keep the wind movement blowing strong!

For more information please contact us at:

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