Shopping for Energy

Before the passage of deregulation, consumers only had one choice regarding their electric and natural gas suppliers -- a local electric company and a local natural gas company supplied electricity and gas to all homes and businesses in their service area. And although we tend to refer to them as "local," these local utility companies are not, in fact, small, local companies. They are large, monopolistic entities that, prior to deregulation, had zero competitors and could basically charge whatever they wanted for electric and natural gas supply.

Seems unfair, right? Why don’t we, as consumers, have the option to choose the company that supplies energy to our home? Why don’t we have a choice in how much we pay for electricity and natural gas? Why, unlike other industries, is there no competition in the utility business?

Several state governments heard their residents’ concerns and decided to deregulate -- or open up -- the state’s utility industry to allow for competition among independent suppliers. And it worked! Deregulation successfully lowered electric and natural gas rates throughout each deregulated state.

Thanks to deregulation, consumers can now shop for energy suppliers and compare deals, just like they would shop around for the most affordable insurance policy, cell phone plan, or laundry detergent. To get started, just select your utility of choice and compare offers in your city or state. Within a handful of minutes, you’ll see that the electric and natural gas rates of independent suppliers are far cheaper than what you’ve been paying to your "local" utility company. Switching suppliers is fast and free, and can lower your energy bills by hundreds of dollars a year. So why wait?

If you live in a deregulated state, you now have something that many other Americans still don’t have: energy choice. You can shop for energy, compare electric and natural gas rates, and transfer your service to the independent energy supplier offering the lowest rates and best service plans in your town. Start today! Compare electric rates and compare natural gas rates in your city or state.

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