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In 2002, Texas’s state legislature deregulated its electric industry, allowing consumers to purchase cheaper electricity from an independent electric supplier. Texans, in other words, no longer have to pay the increased electric rates of a local utility company such as Texas New Mexico Power Company. Now you have a choice.

Receiving lower electric rates is surprisingly simple. If Texas New Mexico Power Company currently supplies electricity to your home or business, simply search our website to compare electric rates in your town. You’ll quickly see that the electric rates of independent suppliers are much lower than what you’ve been paying with TNMPC. Once you find the best electric rates and supplier for your needs, complete their brief online form to initiate the transfer in service. On your next billing cycle, you’ll receive the lower electric rates you’ve always wanted and be relieved to save hundreds of dollars a year on electricity!

Texas New Mexico Power Company serves more than 230,000 residents and business-owners throughout Texas. Whether you live in Pecos, Fort Stockton, Sanderson, Sweeny, Dickinson, Gatesville, Glen Rose, Bryson, Pilot Point, Emory, or Bogata, use our website to compare electric rates and transfer your service to a discount TX electric supplier today!

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  • 12Oct

    Average Electric Rates in Texas Some states have really low cost rates for electricity. Other states charge a lot for people to power their homes. Unless you plan on moving out of state, you can't do a lot about what the average electric bill is in your state. However, you can do something about your own personal bill. You can ...more>>

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